WealthTrack Program.

WealthTrack Program.

Life is constantly evolving. What you need to start a family differs from what you need when the kids are all grown up and start moving out. Your objectives shift from meeting the short-term needs to planning for the long term. Outside your personal circumstances, economies fluctuate, and regulations change, impacting your capacity to meet those objectives. So, how do you ensure you are on track to meet your future financial aspirations?

Change may be a constant in life, but to ensure your financial strategy flows along those changes, you need constant financial planning. Therefore, measuring your needs and the distance from your current position to the lifestyle goals you want to achieve is important. That’s where the WealthTrack program comes in.

What you get in the program

This program is a key checkpoint in your financial journey. It aligns your existing strategies with evolving objectives, and we tailor it for your optimal progress. We guide you on the path to financial success.

Expert financial team at your service

Dedicated relationship manager for your queries

Secure info management through our Client Portal

Flexible meetings: face-to-face, video, or phone

Ongoing guidance to meet objectives

Access to a panel of industry professionals

Clear, concise and predictable fee structure

Change is a constant. We keep your financial goals on track.


Our Progress Meetings are a cornerstone of the WealthTrack Program. These regular check-ins are designed to keep your financial journey on course and explore any required changes or opportunities to ensure your unique goals are at the forefront of everything we do.

Here are some tips for making the most of our time together in your progress meetings:

Reflect on Goals

Take a moment before the meeting to review your short and long-term financial goals, noting changes or new aspirations since your last meeting.

Document Preparation

Gather relevant documents, including pay slips and mortgage statements, to provide your adviser with current information for a thorough assessment.

Open-minded Approach

Approach the meeting with an open mind, being receptive to new ideas or strategy adjustments that your adviser may suggest.

On the journey with you.

On the journey with you are our most experienced financial advisors. Their knowledge and insights can take you from today to tomorrow together.


Director & Principal Financial Planner

Aaron leads our Collective Wealth Advisers team and brings a strong culture of personal service to our client offering. Aaron works closely with clients to help identify what is important to them, create solutions to…


Senior Financial Planner

Ryan is an experienced financial planner having worked with some of Australia’s largest and most highly regarded financial services and banking groups. He has completed a Bachelor of International Business and has extensive knowledge of…


Advice Consultant

Paul is a skilled Advice Consultant and holds a Diploma in Financial Planning. He has a broad range of experience in financial planning, accounting and financing areas. Paul provides valuable strategic support to our Principal..

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