Your Guide to our Practical Investment Philosophy

Our Practical Investment Philosophy 

In the ever-changing world of financial planning, finding a strategy that fits your goals and safeguards your future matters most. At Collective Wealth Advisers, we’ve built a unique investment approach that combines expertise, smart risk management, and a wide array of investment options.  

Let’s dive into how we make this philosophy work for you. 

Smart Moves Backed by Experts 

Picture this: a team of seasoned Investment Asset Managers dedicated to studying the market for your benefit. At Collective Wealth Advisers, that’s the team in your corner! We work closely with these independent experts who dig deep into market trends, so your investments are always based on solid research. This means more informed decisions, less emotional responses and better chances of achieving what you’re aiming for. 

Riding High While Staying Strong 

Investing isn’t just about chasing the highest returns; it’s about managing the risks too. Our way of doing this is by adjusting your investment mix based on how the market behaves. We call it Dynamic Asset Allocation. It’s like having a weathervane that changes direction when the wind shifts. This strategy helps us make the most of the good times and cushion against the not-so-good ones. 

More Choices, More Control 

Think of us as your premium investment toolkit with various tools at your disposal. We’re not stuck on a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer you a range of investment options—direct shares, managed funds, ETFs, annuities, and more. It’s about creating a mix that suits you, your current situation and gives your portfolio the best chance to meet your unique goals. 

The Pillars We Stand On: 

Your Future Comes First: We’re not in this just for today. We’re here to help you build a future that aligns with your life goals and financial objectives. 

Clear as Day: We believe in transparency. You’ll always know the where, the why and the how when it comes to your portfolio structure. After all, it’s your money! 

Rolling with the Changes: The financial world doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. We keep an eye on what’s happening so we can guide your investments through the ups and downs. 

Knowledge is Power: We’re not here to just manage your money; we want to help you understand it too. We offer resources and guidance to educate and empower you, and help you make better decisions. 

At Collective Wealth Advisers, we’re not just financial planners. We’re practical partners guiding you on your unique pathway to a better future. We’re here to help you make smart choices, manage risks, and take control of your financial future. Welcome to a world of investing that’s not just about numbers—it’s about you. 

Today, tomorrow…but always together! 

The Rise and Rise of Conscious Investing

Investing has always been a great way to generate wealth and secure our financial future. Yet the world is growing closer and information is more accessible. It’s clear that investing has an impact far beyond financial returns.

Investors are realising their role in shaping an ideal future and their ability to enact positive change.  

What is conscious investing?

Conscious investing, also known as responsible investing, ethical investing, sustainable investing, or socially responsible investing (SRI), is a strategy that endeavours to generate not only financial returns, but positive social or environmental impact. In other words, it’s about investing with a higher purpose beyond making money.

This can take on different forms:

– Some investors might decide not to invest in businesses that harm society or the environment.

– Investors may choose to avoid companies that seem unethical. Examples include those involved in gambling, tobacco or firearms.

– Some investors make an effort to invest only in companies that benefit society. They can include those involved in renewable energy, healthcare, low carbon emissions, affordable housing, and other similar fields

When people care about certain issues, they can choose to invest their money in companies that support those same values. This is called conscious investing, and it can make people feel good about where their money is going. It might even encourage more people to start investing because they know their money is making a positive difference.

Conscious investing can also be a driver of positive change in the world. By investing in companies that support things like sustainability and helping people in third world countries, investors can make a difference. It can also send a message to companies that they need to care about more than making money. This generation cares about social and environmental issues and so investing in companies that share those values is one way to make a statement.

But here’s the kicker… conscious investing can also be good for business. In fact, companies that make social and environmental responsibility part of their day-to-day practices are tending to outperform their peers over the medium to long term

What are your options?

At the end of the day, the drive to partake in the conscious investing revolution all comes down to your priorities and values And for those who are wanting to focus in this area, the opportunities for ethical investing are there already.

There are several managed funds and ETF’s that are purposefully designed for conscious investors.  They will only invest in companies with positive social and environmental outcomes. There are also funds that will focus on not holding companies that are seen as harmful in their portfolios. These funds can be accessed by most investors as a practical way to invest according to their personal values.

Investors can also seek out these companies themselves by researching and evaluating their impact, although this could be a time-consuming project.

Don’t forget – this style of investment can be established as a personal investment structure but can also be used for your retirement savings and superannuation.

The good news is that conscious investing no longer means sacrificing financial returns for your beliefs In fact, many companies with stronger social and environmental policies are also strong performers financially.

Where to now?

If the thought of conscious investing gets you excited, there are some steps you should consider before making the leap:

– Understand your personal motives for conscious investing. Make sure you are not following the latest trends.

– Seek advice from a professional investment adviser or financial planner.  They are in the best position to discuss the pro’s and con’s of conscious investing and offer an alternative point of view.

– Understand that the best financial plans are long term. Focus on this aspect for your portfolio and remember that all investing involves some form of risk.

Ready to start investing with purpose? Consider conscious investing and make a positive impact on the world while securing your financial future. If you’d like to speak to a professional investment adviser or financial planner, contact us at Collective Wealth Advisers, today.