Adviser of the Year!

We are so excited to share with you that Aaron Steer was awarded the prestigious National Adviser of the Year award at the recent FPW Conference. 

This is a great result for not only our existing clients but for the people of Brisbane and Ipswich who have access to (we don’t want to brag…) the best-of-the-best in their own backyard!

“This is definitely an award that I share with our whole team and particularly our amazing advisory team of Ryan McCormac and Desley Zunker, who are such high-quality advisers in their own right”

“From day one, we set out to give our clients the best possible support and experience.  It is nice to be recognised for our work and our achievements but at the end of the day, sharing this news with our clients is what I’m most looking forward to” said Aaron.

 The Collective Wealth Advisers team were also finalists in two other national categories – ‘Principal Practice of the Year’ and the ‘Innovation Excellence’ Award. 

Congratulations Aaron and the whole team on a great achievement!

For more information on how we can help you, your family or your friends, contact us at Collective Wealth Advisers.  We tackle today, and tomorrow, together! 

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  • Oct 20 2021
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